My Lover

Everyone has all these cute little stories about how they met their significant other, and I am seemingly the only one who has a crude story to it. I still remember the night we met very vividly. I was out with a group of friends in London and we ended up running into a group of men who were literally sitting right beside us at the night club. What was meant to be a girls night out turned into a fun, exciting night where half of us ended up having a shag in London as well as a few drinks. The next morning I thought we would all go our separate ways, but from that day on my husband and I never spent a second away from each other. He was the most amazing man I had ever met and visa versa, so we did not throw the opportunity away.

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I recently lost my best friend to cancer. Her name was Sally and she was the most wonderful person in the world. She was only thirty eight when she died and she had been battling with the disease for many years.

Sally was one of the brightest, most intelligent and most beautiful women I have ever known. She had had a very exciting and colourful life. She worked with a group of Nottingham escorts and frequently travelled the world with them. She didn’t have children of her own but she had a very close, supportive family who will be missing her even more than me, if that’s possible.

I will always remember Sally for the good times we had together; the holidays, the dating, the girlie nights in. Her memory will remain in my heart forever and I hope that one day we will meet again.

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Screw The Boss

I just started working at a law firm in New York last week and I am actually in awe about how the office is run. The third day on my job the head honcho came up to me and asked if I wanna fuck. How non classy is that? You would think that because he is a business man and owns a large firm that he would not want to lose it all from sexual harassment. Apparently he is okay with it because he has done this to two other women who have also started recently. Out of the three of us, I am the only one who took offense and stuck up for myself. The other two women just giggled and batted their eye lashes as if they actually did want to screw the boss to get a raise. How disgusting. I would rather work overtime for my extra pay.

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Feeling Left Out

I have worked for the same wonderful company for over ten years and I am very committed and stay longer hours if needed. We have a staff of eleven men and I am the only female and most of them are married. All of our relationships have been kept on a very professional level and focus on our workload only.

I had thought that I was going to get canned because it seemed like they were having meetings without me constantly. They would all go in one office and shut the door and not include me, all I would hear is laughing and giggling. It kinda hurt my feelings as it continued to go on because I thought that it was something that I was doing wrong. I finally said something one day and they said that it was not anything that I was doing wrong and invited me in. Shocked I was to see that they were watching adult webcams and I never felt left out again.

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Verbal Seduction

I don’t know what was it about her voice, but Alexis knew exactly how to drive me wild. We were talking on the phone for a few days, and everything started innocent enough. I was single and looking for attention, so I sent her request on MySpace. I guess my pictures did it for her, because she couldn’t stop talking about my lips. She was an older woman, but from the pictures I saw her body was incredible and I wild thoughts about what I would do to her would always enter my mind. One day our phone conversation was getting pretty intense, but she had this rule about not having fuck buddy phone sex. I decided to push my luck and one thing led to another till I had her breaking all her rules. It turns out she was just testing me to see if I knew how to take control.

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The lack of male escorts

I am a successful business woman who works long hours in the city. My commitment to my work means that I have very little time for a social or personal life outside of work. It occurred to me recently that the answer to my problem would be to contact an agency that advertises male Leicester escorts who are available to meet me ladies like myself for some afternoon or evening delight. I scoured the local newspapers and adult magazines to see what I could come up with but to my dismay there was a distinct lack of advertisements. The Internet provided a handful of numbers I could contact but the choice was still relatively small. This prompted me to ask the question ‘Why is there such a lack of male escorts in London?’ and has inspired me to write an article on the subject.

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I Like The Way I Am

I have always been an independent person and to be honest, I don’t ever see myself changing. I like having my house to myself and not having to share space with anyone except my dog. Having an extra person around results in extra messes, extra space taken and no room to breath. Instead of being in a relationship I choose to go on a few dates here and there with Derby escorts. It keeps me from committing to anything and allows me to never give out my number. Besides the fact that I get made fun of for this routine of mine, I enjoy every night I go out and every morning I wake up alone. Everyone says my mind will change some day, but I don’t see how when there is not one thing that I remotely dislike in my life.

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